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Awaken For Wellness
  • Our Greens are the real deal. Awaken Greens blend is in a league of its own with a rich blend of greens juices, 1800mg+ adaptogens, lions mane and reishi mushroom, 8x probiotic blend, prebiotic fiber and much more. We put a heavy focus on strengthening stress resilience to help the mind-body allocate resources to reparative, growth and proactive processes.
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  • Awaken for Wellness proudly presents Awaken Cacao, a meticulously crafted blend designed to harmonize your body and mind. Our balanced formula combines antioxidant-rich raw Peruvian Cacao, MCT, authentic mushroom extracts, adaptogens, prebiotic fiber, and trace minerals to deliver a complete and uniquely powerful wellness experience. Notes of Himilayan Salt, Vanilla and Coconut Milk blend with the rich and chocolately taste of Cacao for a truly delicious flavor!
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