Awaken For Wellness is a holistic healing center featuring two Float Tanks, Infrared Saunas,  Professional Massage & Bodywork.  It is our mission to inspire health awakening within everyone.  We are dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge ways to enhance your health. We will give you opportunities to overcome your pain, reach your goals, and enhance your life.  We are looking forward to working with you and to the amazing journey that will empower you.

To your Awakening and your Wellness
Chris Richmond
Founder / CMT

Hello Awaken Family

Unfortunately, both locations are temporarily closed for the safety of all. We must quarantine to protect immunosuppressed / immunocompromised people as well as make sure we are saving our hospital space and healthcare workers for those that need it the most.

Our saunas are an amazing tool during this time for their immune boosting power, however we are taking this time to add measures such as virus destroying UV and limited use ozone filtration to assure we are maintaining a safe environment in our entire facility from this day forward.

Once we are provided a window to be open and we know we are taking every proper measure to keep you safe, we will reopen our doors for your health!

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay smart.
We are all in this together.

Awaken For Wellness


Effortlessly float away in warm Epsom salt water to carry away mental and physical stress.

Massage Therapy , Saint Paul MN. Hudson Wiscosin


Let our skilled massage therapists wring out tight muscles and bring balance back to your body.


Comfortably heat up your muscles and tissues with the healing wavelengths of the sun.