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ONYXRED Light Therapy 300x

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Bring the healing power of 6 powerful wavelengths home to use everyday! The ONYXred Light Therapy Panels are your gateway to reduce inflammation, increase energy, improve your skin, help muscle recovery, and so much more!

14 in stock

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Begin healing and optimizing your energy with light! 


The ONYXred Light Therapy Panels designed by Awaken for Wellness are much more than just red light. They are currently the only therapy panel on the market that give off 6 healing wavelengths. Red light at 630 NM and 660 NM (nanometers) & Near infrared at 810 NM, 830 NM, 850 NM, & our exclusive 908NM.  These wavelengths have been selected based on the amount of optimal absorption into the tissues and results based on thousands of studies. We believe our panels are the most powerful and effective on the market. 


The many potential benefits: 

Improvement of skin, fine line wrinkles & collagen production

Improved collagen on the inside of our bodies 

Improvement of cellular energy and overall increased energy

Reduces inflammation

Faster muscle recovery 

Reduces Pain

Hair regeneration

Great for male and female reproductive health and sexual health


The Highest Irradiance: At 161 mW/cm2 from 6 inches away, The ONYXred is 20 – 60% higher Irradiance (photon power) than other leading panels on the market for deeper absorption and faster results.                                    

The Most Wavelengths: 6 of the most studied, beneficial wavelengths for your body. 

Red light: 630nm, 660nm

Near Infrared: 810nm, 830nm, 850nm, & 908nm


Shielded EMF for your protection

Compact design: Lighter and more compact than other 300 light devices while still delivering results. This light therapy device is easy to store, carry, move, or bring to a biohacker party!



Dimensions:   27.2″ x 8.7″ x 2.3″

Weight:  15.4LBS

Beam angle: 30 degrees

LEDs: 300 x 5 watts


Included with the ONYXred:

Easy adjustment pulley system

High strength hanging cables                     

Power Supply

Eye Protection

Sturdy Door Hanger

2 year warranty




TherapyLight Panel


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