Summer Triple Play


A great way to jumpstart yourself to a healthier lifestyle is through a cleanse. For many, a cleanse can sound very daunting because there are so many misconceptions from the word itself. We hear of people going to extremes to clean out their bodies and even aiming for rapid weight loss. When doing this we are harming ourselves rather than helping our body work at its optimal state. When we listen and take care of our bodies needs it will function as it should. What is better than removing the toxic build up by using completely raw and natural products that the earth has provided us with?

Over at Awaken for Wellness we stand behind the core values of the Garden of Life products. Never heated over 115 degrees, the ingredients are completely raw and in their pure form. There are no fillers or binders, just completely natural products. To digest and absorb the proper nutrients and enzymes in a cleanse you want the ingredients in the most raw form you can find to be safe and gentle on your body. What is very unique about Garden of Life’s Raw Cleanse is its three step system beginning with oral care, then moving to organ detoxification and then finally the excretion of the environmental toxic overload on the body.

Step one begins as a toxin defense. The importance of step one is to prevent any more harmful bacteria from further entering the body. It is better known as the “point of entry” defense. With a combination of oral and intestinal probiotics, these healthy bacteria actually take up space in the mouth so no harmful bacteria have room to settle in and grow and further enter the intestinal tract. So, it promotes microbial balance for a healthy immune system, digestive tract and overall oral care.

Whether we like it or not we are constantly exposed to pollutants just by breathing. Step two targets the organs where the environmental toxins and pollutants settle. The blend of antioxidants and amino acids is beneficial in aiding the excretion process. When detoxing the organs it is crucial to focus on the liver because a majority of the toxic build up does get trapped within the liver. Step two contains chlorella, which is a detoxification powerhouse. This microalgae actually binds to heavy metals when traveling through body which then pulls the toxins and pollutants out of the liver and organs. Then this waste can be excreted from through the digestive system.

Our digestive system is known to be our second brain because the gut is an enteric nervous system. It actually contains more neurotransmitters than our brain itself. The gut and brain work hand and hand sending signals back and forth. So, if our digestive system is fatigued or in toxic overload if effects the brain in many ways like feeling sluggish, anxious, and foggy. These are also signs a cleanse is right for you. By cleansing and purifying your body you will have more energy, be more alert and have that radiant summer glow.


Not only do we want to cleanse our digestive system but have it continue to work at its peak. By adding probiotics to a cleanse actually teaches the body how to continue to properly excrete waste on its own. Like the Raw cleanse, Original Medicines Multi-Probiotic is based on whole foods. This probiotic undergoes a lacto-fermentation process, referring to lactobacillus or “friendly bacteria”. Lacto-fermented probiotics transform the enzymes and nutrients and makes the minerals bioavailable in the digestive tract, which then leads to easy and gentle digestion. So the more good bacteria living in the digestive tract rather than bad, the easier we can digest foods, and absorb the nutrients from the healthy foods we consume. Probiotics should be implemented in everyone’s daily regimen because it boosts our immune system to stay healthy year round.


Last, but certainly not least in our summer triple play is sweating out the toxins that are living in our muscles and fat cells. Traditional saunas run high temperatures heating from the outside in. Where-as the infrared saunas actually heat you from the inside out, running at slightly lower temperatures making it more comfortable and sessions to last longer for maximum sweat benefits. By increasing your core body temperature when using the infrared saunas you are going beyond just detoxification. Other benefits include stress reduction, improved sleep, pain relief, skin improvement, and aids in weight loss breaking up your fat cells. With the combination of the Raw Cleanse, Multi-Probiotic, and Infrared Sauna you will be hitting a home run of detox and overall health benefits.